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Engineering & Construction

Engineering & Construction Services

Engineering Consulation

We provide engineering consultation for all aspects of residential, commercial and industrial projects, construction supervision, building code & zoning experts, restaurant and night club designers, expert witness testimony, variance and special use specialists, subdivision and pre-purchase building inspections.

We also offer preparation of permits, filing for permits, legalization of existing structures, new building plans, additions & alterations, evaluations & reports of building & construction problems, site development, parking lot layout & site grading & drainage analysis & design. Code enforcement and inspection, building department & public works engineering support services and consultation including plan examination.

Additional Engineering Services Include:
  • Site, municipal, drainage & utility engineering
  • Structural evaluation, analysis and design
  • Roadway pavement management and design
  • Parking lot layout and design
  • Residential and Commercial Building Inspections for Real Estate Purchase or Refinance
  • Building Inspection and analysis for change of use, resolution of structural problems and legalization of existing structures. Restaurant & Café Design and Planning
  • Design of Architectural/Engineering plans for Commercial and Residential Projects
  • Expert Witness Analysis and Testimony
  • Zoning, Special Use and Board of Trustee applications, preparation and presentations
  • Preparation of plans, building permit applications and zoning analysis

Construction Services

Whether you have existing property or are looking to start a new project, we have the resources to be a valuable partner with you. We offer many products to incorporate in developing or fixing your property. Call us today to get a FREE estimate on our services!

Existing Property
Existing Property

If you have existing property and you are having issues with things like drainage, flooding, or utility placement, the experts at Joseph M. Petito Land Surveying & Civil Engineering, PC can put a plan together to fix the issue. Over the course of time, your issues may change and we will give you a solution to keep you protected for years to come.

New Site Development
New Site Development

When you are looking to start a new project, we have the resources to be a valuable partner with you or provide general contracting to get the site built. It makes no difference if it is an urban project or a rural project, our experience has your needs covered.

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Solving Your Construction Problems

We provide a number of different services when you need them!

  • Certificate of occupancy
  • Site development, design, and planning
  • Determine placement of utilities
  • Drainage planning and placement
  • Manage home and business construction
  • Road construction

NY Rising Housing Recovery

If your property was damaged by Superstorm Sandy, Hurricane Irene, or Tropical Storm Lee, NY Rising provides assistance to recover, rebuild, or relocate the affected residence. At Joseph M. Petito Land Surveying & Civil Engineering, PC, formerly O’Connor – Petito, we can help you determine the best course of action. If you have any questions regarding NY Rising, visit their website:

Certificate of Elevation
Certificate of Elevation

Along with NY Rising, we also work with FEMA with regard to determining the placement of your residence or building regarding future flood risks. We can give you your certificate of elevation to help determine your location with regard to floodplains.

Need Help With a Bulkhead
Need Help With a Bulkhead?

We have repaired, replaced, and constructed bulkheads for both residences and buildings. We are also versed in performing these services to NY Rising code. If you have any further questions, give us a call!

Getting You Back on Your Feet
Getting You Back on Your Feet

In addition to providing you the information and planning you need to fix or reconstruct your house or business, you can rely on us to do the complete design and provide recommendations to construct your new home. We will take your project from start to end, and you don't have to worry about it all.

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