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Title Surveys

Are you in the market to buy or sell a home? You may be required to get a title survey for the closing to take place. We have experienced surveyors ready to do the survey for you. We offer you competitive prices and we believe in helping you make your deadlines.

Protect Your Investment
Protect Your Investment

Insurance companies won't insure anything that is not on the survey of your property. Make sure you have a recent survey so your insurance covers all of your investments.

Boundary Surveys
Boundary Surveys

As part of the title survey, you will learn what is on your property and what is not. This will lend itself to answering things like "is that my tree or the neighbors." It may also identify any discrepancies between two parties. Your title survey will assure any interested parties of what is part of any property that may be changing hands.

Who Requires Your Survey
Who Requires Your Survey?

There are a number of people involved in realty transactions. Some parties that may require a title survey are:

  • Attorneys
  • Banks and mortgage companies
  • Title companies and insurance companies

Building Department Surveys

Are you concerned about building department surveys and certificates of occupancy? You may be required to procure a title survey in order for the closing to take place.

At Joseph M. Petito Land Surveying & Civil Engineering, PC, formerly O’Connor – Petito, we have experienced surveyors ready to complete the survey for you. We’ll even help you make certificates for your occupancy, as well as assist you with writing deeds and expediting. Contact us with any questions.

Our Services Include
  • Provide expediting services
  • Recommend and assist in expediting
  • Expert witness testimony
  • Writing deeds
  • Court attorney consultation and appearances
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